From theGround Up:

Quantifying Social Enterprise Ecosystems in the U.S.

We conducted a national study among almost 400 social entrepreneurs who helped us identify four pillars of successful ecosystems. Find out which ecosystem is right for you, and which pillars are most important for your venture.

Social Enterprise Ecosystems

What's Important to You?


This includes seed funding, grants, and venture capital (representing both public and private sources).

Quality of Life Quality
of Life

Everything from cost of living to the “energy” of a city and social spaces determine an entrepreneur’s experience.

Human Capital Human

Finding great people—as mentors, team members, employees, and advisors—is the engine of any venture.

& Receptivity

Regulations, market receptivity, and even perception and attitudes towards a social enterprise can create an environment that either nurtures or stifles social enterprise.

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Where Your Venture Could Thrive

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Hear the voices of the
388 social entrepreneurs
we reached in our survey, and read what they believe makes great ecosystems tick.

“Boston is a fantastic intersection of cultural, academic, technical, innovation, and social support.”
“Investors should not be only looking for the next unicorn. There are a lot of great social enterprises doing good and making impact that will never be – or do not want to be – a giant organization making billions.”
“I chose Washington, D.C., because of the strong client and talent pools.”
“In New York City you can live in the suburbs and have easy access to everything NYC has. It’s better than San Francisco – that area's too expensive.”

Report Highlights


The San Francisco Bay Area may not be the best place for early stage social entrepreneurs to get funding.

Quality of Life

Austin, Texas, takes the trophy for quality of life.

Human Capital

Worst cities for human capital: Los Angeles and Miami.

Regulation & Receptivity

The most supportive local government: Boston.


45% of social entrepreneurs list funding as their greatest challenge.

Regulation & Receptivity

New York City ranked last in our index on Regulation & Receptivity due to poor business friendliness scores and a lack of general buzz regarding social entrepreneurship.

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